The.ajor exports of Australia are iron ore, coal, beef, and wool. Australia Building trades trades these goods for manufactured goods and electronic items. Employment Opportunities International Students can apply to work part-time Kitchen Design while studying in Australia. Passionate about all things Australian, I roam all over WikiAnswers, answering questions that have the remotest connection to Australian … and some that don’t … as my interests are far and wide. Things Canada buys from other countries are those things that can’t be economically produced in Canada, making products cheaper and more available for Canadian Dompanies and citizens. Canada is the second largest country in the world, after Russia and is much larger than Australia, the building reports newcastle sixth largest country. Australia is the Worlds Largest Exporter of: Coal Wool Alumina Diamonds Sheep Lead Refined zinc ores Mineral sands Other Exports Inc…Jude: Veal Lamb Sugar Nickel Beef Mutton Cereals Iron Ore Answered by The WikiAnswers® Plumbing Supplier Community Ellectrical Trades Making the world better, one answer at a time. Why does Canada trade with other countries? For example .

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